Voliton DMCC is a commodities, petrochemicals and hydrocarbons trading company with a strong regional footprint in the Middle East, Central Asia, India and Asia Pacific.

Throughout 5 years of its history Voliton have grown from a niche petrochemical trader to a multidisciplinary regional commodities house operating important supply chains totalling several million metric tons a year.

In hydrocarbons, we work throughout the upstream to midstream supply chain sourcing and delivering crude and feedstocks to refineries and lifting products to supply business customers – industrial and agricultural users, retail networks, power stations, bunkering companies.

In petrochemicals, we deliver a multitude of end products and feedstocks between the key producing countries in the region – Turkey, India, China as well as the growing petrochemical producers of the Persian Gulf.

In dry bulk Voliton DMCC supply coal and fertilisers to utility customers and agricultural producers throughout Asia.

We Seek to Serve.

  • To serve our customers with timely on-spec deliveries.
  • To serve our suppliers with timely offtakes and timely payments.
  • To serve the global economy with efficient product movement from where they are in abundance to where they are lacking.